To protect and advance the rights, autonomy, opportunity, and dignity of people with speech-related disabilities through public engagement, policy and practice change, and systemic advocacy.


Every person with a speech-related disability will have what they need at all times to communicate effectively, to be fully included in their community, and to be free from abuse.


  • Leadership    We are led by people with speech-related disabilities. 
  • Integrity    We seek our community’s trust. Therefore, we are ethical, professional, and produce quality work.
  • Accessibility    We identify and remove barriers to make our work and programs accessible.
  • Rights    We work to protect the civil rights and dignity of everyone with a speech-related disability.
  • Diversity    We value and appreciate diversity and equity across our board, staff, and community.
  • Inclusion    We support full participation in all aspects of community.
  • Self-Determination    We support individuals to direct their lives and to choose their supports and communication methods. 
  • Collaboration    We partner with other organizations to achieve our goals.