To educate the public, advocate for policy reform, and engage the judicial system to advance the rights, autonomy, opportunity, and dignity of people with speech-related communication disabilities and conditions.


Every person with a speech-related disability or condition will have ready access to the opportunities, tools, supports, and accommodations of their choice to allow them to communicate effectively, to exercise autonomy and self-determination, and to enjoy equal rights, meaningful inclusion and dignity, and freedom from all forms of degradation, discrimination, and abuse.


  • Disability-Led   Our work is governed and informed by those most impacted by communication disabilities. 
  • Rights-Focused   We respect and value the human dignity of each individual, and work to protect, defend, and uphold the human and civil rights of everyone with a speech-related disability or health condition.
  • Diversity   We value and appreciate differences. We serve people and their supporters regardless of their disability, age, preferred communication tools and supports, race and ethnicity, sex, gender, sexual orientation, gender expression, national origin, immigration status, education, religion, and socioeconomic status.
  • Community Integration   We believe that each individual should have the opportunity to live and participate fully in all aspects of their community.
  • Autonomy and Individual Choice   We encourage policies and practices that ensure every individual is able to make decisions about their own lives, including to choose how to be supported and how to communicate. 
  • Collaborative   We will partner with other organizations to seek common ground, advance our agenda, and maximize success in achieving our goals.
  • Professional Integrity   Our work will be honest, ethical, fair, professional, and high quality. We will gain the trust of the diverse population whose interests we seek to advance, as well as other disability and civil rights organizations, policymakers, and the public. 
  • Accessibility   We strive to embody our mission and vision by identifying and removing barriers and making our work and programming accessible to all.
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