Students, Know Your (Virtual) Access Rights!

empty old style classroom with wooden desks, wood floor, and green blackboardIn response to multiple requests, we've prepared a resource to help our student members (US residents who cannot rely on speech to be understood) learn about their rights to the in-person supports they may need to accommodate their disabilities to access virtual education during the pandemic.

Los derechos de los usuarios de AAC en un entorno de aprendizaje virtual (recurso aqui)

If your public district is providing virtual or remote educational opportunities to its students without disabilities, and you need a human being physically next to you to help you access and participate in those opportunities, you have rights under the Americans with Disabilities Act to receive that reasonable disability accommodation, including in your home if necessary.

If a virtual aide isn't working out, members of your family aren't able to be your full-time school aide, and you are uncomfortable risking your health by traveling to a group setting to receive this support, this resource is for you. You cannot be forced to take on risks just to access a public education if students without disabilities are not being required to do so.

Access the resource here.

Ahora disponible en español aqui!

This is not and is not intended to be legal advice, but is intended to help you learn about your rights to reasonable accommodations under the Americans with Disabilities Act, even during this public health emergency.

Thanks to Disability Voices United for making the Spanish translation possible!